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Society now expects more adoption of cultural diversity

Why use Diversity Atlas

Diversity Atlas was developed by Cultural Infusion to support building strategies to advance performance, inclusivity and wellbeing in the workplace using the world’s highest quality and most detailed cultural data.

After 6 years of research and development in collaboration with experts and our partners, we developed a tool that can measure diversity in all its complexity and intersectionality, to create the world's first diversity data-analytics tool that provides any organisation with a secure and easy way to measure, report, recognise and act on its unique diverse workforce.

What gets measured gets done

Measuring diversity in your organisation gives you a thorough understanding of your workforce or members. Use our data to improve staff engagement and wellbeing, and to strengthen your business outcomes and performance.

Research widely shows that diversity can be a source of innovation, productivity and expertise. But mismanaging diversity can impact team performance, create employee disengagement and overlook business opportunities. Diversity Atlas data provides organisations and communities with the tools to thrive and unlock new opportunities in a diverse and globalising world.


The diversity gap: are you meeting your diversity goals?

Once data is collected, you can now understand your diversity gap for each team and across your whole organisation.

  • Understand the gap of where you are now across key diversity metrics to what your own organisational and team goals may be
  • Compare the difference between your workforce’s diversity profile, and that of the target community or customer base.
  • Compare teams with each other, to fully understand areas that are less aligned to your objectives

Use these insights to shape your hiring, engagement and inclusion strategies by always having an accurate, fast and easy to use platform with all your key data in one, secure place.

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