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Oct 28 2023


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Greek Name Day: Evniki, Efnikee

Name Days are often named after a Christian saint or martyr and are mainly celebrated in Catholic and Eastern Orthodox countries. On this day, the holy person is celebrated, as well as anyone named after this person. Often, these celebrations are more important than birthdays.

The Greek names Evniki and Efnikee are derived from the Holy Martyrs Terence and Neonilla and their children: Sarbelus, Photius, Theodulus, Hierax, Nita, Vele, and Eunice. Evniki and Efnikee are variations of the name Eunice. The family suffered martyrdom when they confessed to Christ and dencouncing idolatry under Emperor Decius of the 2nd century. The pagans failed to get them to renounce their faith, subjecting the entire family to torture and beheadings.