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Feb 20 2023


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Tsagaan Sar (Mongolia)

Tsagaan Sar, also known as the White Moon Festival, is a traditional Mongolian holiday celebrated annually at the beginning of the lunar new year. It is one of the most important celebrations in Mongolian culture and is observed by both city dwellers and nomads.

Tsagaan Sar is a time for families to gather together, exchange gifts, and enjoy traditional food and festivities. The holiday is also a time for paying respect to the elderly, and for reconciling with friends and family members.

The celebrations usually involve several days of feasting, drinking, and singing, and can involve rituals such as the “Tobloom Ceremony,” where people offer food and drink to their ancestors and gods. The main meal, known as “Buuz,” is a large steamed dumpling filled with meat and other ingredients, which is served as the centerpiece of the feast.

Tsagaan Sar is a time for reflecting on the past, celebrating the present, and wishing for a prosperous future. It is a celebration of Mongolian culture and traditions, and a time for people to come together and share in the joys of the new year.