World Hijab Day


Feb 01 2024


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World Hijab Day

Conceived by New Yorker Nazma Khan, World Hijab Day began in 2013 to recognise the millions of Muslim women across the world who choose to wear the hijab as a sign of their modesty and faith. This day also celebrates religious tolerance, and seeks to destigmatise symbols of Islamic faith and educate others about this often misrepresented element of Muslim women’s lives.

Scottish politician and World Hijab Day organiser Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh explains: ‘Given the current climate, World Hijab Day has even greater importance. We must stand up and clearly say that women have a right to choose what they want to wear – whenever, wherever, and however. World Hijab Day is an event that we should be proud of celebrating, not just for religious tolerance but for women’s rights around the world.’