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The largest Global Summit for Women's Stories

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Let's celebrate
our shared Cultural Diversity.

The 2023 global conference brings women together to uplift, energize, inspire and empower through our stories.

Contribute to the survey by providing insights to Diversity Atlas into the conference's cultural profile and identity.

What is
Diversity Atlas?

Diversity Atlas is a unique cultural diversity mapping platform that helps us understand a collective view of who we are.

It enables organisations to understand the diverse richness of its teams and to better measure, understand, acknowledge and act on its diversity, inclusion, and development strategies.

the survey

Experience a safe, anonymous survey that makes everyone’s own cultural diversity attributes count. It contains the world’s most inclusive datasets of over 47,000 cultural diversity attributes. This represents the vast majority of humanity's cultural vibrancy.
Access the anonymous survey where the collective results will be shared to commemorate HERStory’s celebration of it’s cultural vibrancy for International Women’s day.