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Discussions about the importance of cultural diversity are abundant in professional literature and mainstream media. Despite intense interest, there is significant knowledge gap in what is meant by diversity and how it can be measured. This article proposes a set of quantifiable dimensions of diversity that can be benchmarked, compared over time, evaluated against adjustable variables, and used as the basis for recommendations about improved business performance.

This research builds on literature that has identified existing models for measuring diversity. From previous research emerges a framework for determining a model for quantifying key parameters of cultural diversity. While our previous work considered these parameters to be ethnicity, language, and belief, in this article, we propose a new method for measuring cultural diversity that expands the primary categories to four. We introduce an index for measuring cultural diversity of groups based on four distinct measures of ethnicity, languages, worldviews (beliefs), and countries of birth of the people in the community. This index has been developed into a digital tool called Diversity Atlas.

Rezza Moieni & Peter Mousaferiadis