Beyond CALD (part 3): Using Technology to Free Us from Labels and Focus on Needs

I promised in a previous article on the label CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) to offer some concrete examples and/or suggestions of how we might all embrace a language of cultural difference and claiming identity which doesn’t unnecessarily draw divisions between us or unwittingly privilege the majority. It’s been a …


Diversity Atlas Newsletter [March 2023]

In this newsletter we take a look at a recent interview between our CEO and Founder Peter Mousaferiadis and the Global Inclusion Online Forum, preview an upcoming webinar with our Cultural Attaché Quincy Hall and highlight Cultural Infusion’s contribution to the Capturing Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Australia position paper by the AAG (Australian Association of Gerontology). We also spotlight our partnership with HerStory to stage the largest Global Summit for Women’s Stories in Washington DC, an important cultural date on our diversity calendar, and provide a product update on survey anonymity. 


Why DEI Must Stop Neglecting Religions

Societies are not secular and never have been. They are composed of people, and people come with their own values, rituals and religions or worldviews – their own ways of making sense of the world. (Note also that many belief systems that include cultural practices cannot be defined neatly in terms of a religious–secular binary.) Every one of us identifies to some extent with one or more of the 8500+ secular and non-secular traditions of humanity, traditions that are foundational to our sense of self and give daily expression, guidance and meaning to every aspect of our lives. For many people, their religion or worldview is the most important aspect of their identity. 

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Diversity Atlas Newsletter [February 2023]

In this newsletter, we discuss our CEO and Founder Peter Mousaferiadis’ presentation at the Not For Profit People Conference and the relaunch of our DEI discovery courses for 2023. We also share our latest research paper titled ‘A Study on Diversity Prediction with Machine Learning and Small Data’ and highlight the upcoming Close the Gap Day listed on our cultural calendar.

Is it Time to Part with the Word ‘Race’?

Peter Mousaferiadis, CEO & Founder, Cultural Infusion When working in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) space, the most pressing issues that continually arise, yet are most vigorously avoided, are those of ‘racism’ and ‘anti-racism’. The question of how we can prevent ‘race’-based discrimination from occurring in the workplace and …

Peter Mousaferiadis

Helping organisations measure and understand their diversity: An interview with Peter Mousaferiadis

The following is an interview with Cultural Infusion CEO Peter Mousaferiadis written by Mark Planigale of Lirata Consulting. This interview was originally published by Lirata Consulting and can be found here. Diversity is all around us, in our communities, networks and workplaces. Organisations are increasingly recognising diversity not just as …