Anonymous, confidential and secure

Protecting your privacy and complying with applicable data protection laws



We understand the importance of the privacy of people’s data. We will:

Not sell user data to a third party under any circumstances

Not disclose anybody’s personal information to any third party without their explicit written and validated consent

Be transparent about the potential privacy risks to individuals resulting from their participation in a Diversity Atlas survey

Take the utmost precaution to safeguard users’ data from any unauthorised or unintended access

Continually benchmark and update our privacy and information security practices to reflect the leading legislative and technical standards

Our information security practices

As outlined in our Privacy Policy, we will handle personal data with the utmost respect for the privacy and confidentiality of users. But strong privacy values, as reflected in our Code of Conduct aren’t enough. We also take all available technical steps to safeguard user data from unauthorised access.

The information security management system of Diversity Atlas is based on the three pillars of confidentiality, integrity and availability of user data.



The Diversity Atlas online platform is SSL certified. All passwords are encrypted using the Hash function—this means that the passwords cannot be decrypted by any intruder, and or by the Diversity Atlas technical team.


The Diversity Atlas dashboard is designed so that only organisational administrators have the ability to see the data set generated by a survey and to remove any respondents’ data. We also ensure that all encrypted files are backed up daily.


We ensure that the tool and client assets are always available to all authorised parties. As our platform is hosted on world-leading Amazon Web Services, this guarantees that there is never any down time for the project and that the Diversity Atlas service will always be speedy and available for clients' use.

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