Building global harmony since 1988

Acting as a catalyst for transformational change, Diversity Atlas provides a world-first definition and measurement of cultural diversity, along with the knowledge and insight necessary for inclusive strategies.


Our story

Why we’re here

From producing and directing major intercultural productions for the United Nations, the Parliament of World Religions, and the United Religions Initiative, Cultural Infusion’s Founder, Peter Mousaferiadis is an internationally recognised thought leader of culture as a driver of peace and innovation. Since 1988, Peter has worked to build global harmony by learning and teaching others about culture in all its forms.

Peter founded Cultural Infusion in 2002 with an organisational vision is to help create a world that is culturally harmonious. The mission of business and the foundation has been to build global harmony through intercultural action. From delivering cultural programs for schools, businesses, governments and partners to running major events and programs, Cultural Infusion aims to help people better understand and experience the value cultural diversity has in all our lives.


Researching the diversity of cultures

to create harmony

In 2016, we began a six year research project to understand diversity. Concerned with the cultural dimension of conflict, with 75% of the world’s conflicts having a cultural dimension according to UNESCO, we also recognised workplace diversity can lead to disruptions in team communication and performance. These findings were published in the scientific journals, including The International Journal of Social Science and Humanity.

The science

a thoroughly researched methodology

Working with experts in computer science, cultural anthropology and organisational theory, along with our partners, the Australian National Commission for UNESCO, the Australian National University and the Dialogue of Civilizations, we designed a comprehensive survey platform. Measuring diversity in all its complexity and intersectionality, the survey let individuals share their stories in terms that are meaningful to them. Based on this extensive research and development, we developed the world's first diversity data-analytics platform, which we now call Diversity Atlas.

'Divided we fall, united we stand, diversified we grow'

Winning Slogan developed Cultural Infusion’s founder Peter Mousaferiadis for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations “Do One Thing for Diversity” campaign, 2013

What we stand for

We work to understand our cultural diversity and build harmony and well being through contributing to a society that:
Can meaningfully measure the richness and diversity in people that exists in our world
Values intercultural understanding
Utilises its cultural richness to benefit society as a whole
Uses cultural and artistic expression as a means of promoting social cohesion

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