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How many people to implement a gender equity plan – at least five people

I have written a proposed resourcing plan detailing some of the typical duties for these five specialist practitioners – including one who has specialised diversity data literacy (including pay equity analysis).  This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, and you may add more duties that apply to your own plans.  I have also suggested some additional costs – you get what you pay for, after all.

Diversity Atlas Newsletter [January 2023]

In this newsletter we are excited to welcome two new staff members to the Diversity Atlas team, announce our sponsorship of the 2023 World Gay Boxing Event, showcase an article in Apolitical written by our CEO and Founder Peter Mousaferiadis, highlight an important cultural anniversary and introduce updates to the Diversity Atlas platform. 

Coming to terms with Australia Day

It’s that time of year again, where arguments rise, some vocalise their dissent, others vocalise their dissent to the dissent, and others fear saying the wrong thing. 

Australia Day has been celebrated as a national public holiday on 26 January since 1994, and marked by some Aboriginal people as a Day of Mourning since 1938. The date commemorates Arthur Phillip planting the British flag at Warrane (Sydney Cove) in 1788 to claim the area as a British penal colony.

Diversity Atlas Newsletter [October 2022]

This newsletter, we discuss the recent travels of our Chief Experience Officer Michael Walmsley and Chief Technology Officer Rezza Moieni to Singapore for Big Data & AI World’s Tech Week, two new diversity research papers by Rezza, the launch of our DEI capacity building programs, our sponsorship and diversity mapping of the 2023 World Gay Boxing Championships and an upcoming culturally significant date from our Diversity Calendar!

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Understanding People as a Means of Building Peace

Human beings must be the means and end of development. Despite the advancement in technology in this digital age, peace has deteriorated in the world as people from different cultures clash with each other. The more we understand the cultural influences that drive the behaviour of people, the better we can transform diversity from a source of conflict to the world’s richest asset in all sectors. Globalisation has awakened us to the reality of the heterogeneous composition of our societies. As the developed world tries to shift global attention to “saving the planet”, this piece argues that it is vital to encourage intercultural understanding. Only this will create the peaceful environment necessary for people to collaborate instead of fight each other.


The “S” in ESG and how businesses can improve their social performance 

Every business considers environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework. Investors are now using ESG measurements to determine whether they are funding responsible and ethical businesses. With the recent increase in expectations for businesses to be socially responsible and ethical, businesses are increasingly interested in what positively influences their ESG performance.  

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Diversity Atlas Newsletter [September 2022]

Data and Diversity in Discussions Around the World This newsletter, we discuss the upcoming travels of our Chief Experience Officer Michael Walmsley and Chief Technology Officer Rezza Moieni to Singapore for Big Data & AI World’s Tech Week. We also share our Founder and CEO Peter Mousaferiadis’ recent trip to New York, where he attended the …


Two New Religions – Sort Of [Product Update]

We already have 7900 options of religion/worldview in our Diversity Atlas survey, including more than 100 Catholic denominations and branches and a whole heap of secularist choices such as Humanism, Secularism and more recent movements such as Jedi, Dudeism and Pastafarianism.  But such is the depth of humanity’s ability to wonder and subscribe, it’s not enough.  We’ll always be adding, and we added two this month.